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Wofford Heights, CA – One Hour Lice Removal

If you live in the area of Wofford Heights, and you’re looking for “Just One Hour, Just One Visit, 100% Effective” lice treatment for your child, help is around the corner. You can get to our certified lice removal specialists in less than 15 minutes by going to our Bakersfield clinic.

GET HELP TODAY:(661) 491-8600


Fast and Affordable

One and done in a single treatment! You can be free of lice in an hour. No additional hours or follow-up visits that cost you time and money! Solutions for any budget.

No Toxic Chemicals

Our FDA-cleared, kid-friendly AirAlle medical device uses heated air to dehydrate lice and eggs. Safe and pesticide-free.

Relax, we got this! Fast, safe same-day appointments.


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